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In a writer's world, the worst thing to happen is when pencil and paper decide to fight. They decide they don't want to work together anymore and they stay in that fight for hours, days...even weeks! If the fight is bad enough, they won't work together for months. So what is a writer to do? Some force them to work together until they like each other again. Others just sit back and wait, toying around some ideas in their minds as they patiently wait. In times like these, looking for inspiration is a great way to remind the pencil and paper why they should work together. It's tough though, because sometimes the fight doesn't seem like it'll end. This is what we writers call writer's block.

That's my current situation. I have had this blockage in my creativity for a while now. Oh I have loads of ideas, LOADS. However, my problem lately seems to be overthinking. I have a great idea for a story but then I overthink every single detail. What should the armor of the soldiers look like? Should it be sunny or cloudy? I want my character to say something sarcastic here, what should they say? Those are some examples (I'm not joking, some of those are true!). Then I have some even harder details that I can't seem to work out. What is the underlining story going on? Why would a character make that decision over another one? Should I have more than one race? Should there be the tension of war in my story? These are harder questions that I get hung up on. 

When I was younger, I used to just write. I didn't outline anything. I made no webs or lists for my stories or characters. I literally just picked up my pencil and wrote. It seemed to work great for me! Especially considering I even managed to get one of my stories published! However, now that I'm older and I have more work on my hands (my job and college), I can't seem to write like I used to. I get stuck on not knowing the exact details. And when I do try to outline my stories, I find that I no longer am motivated to write them. My story is no longer a surprise to myself and I think I loved when I didn't know what would happen next. It was all a mystery.

I have so many ideas for stories, and I want to write them but I just don't know how to start. More troubling, I don't know how to keep myself going. I keep falling into writer's block. Does anyone have anything to suggest?


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I often find myself daydreaming of stories that have yet to be written, and I am determined to write them.


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